Process Serving

What is Process Serving?

Process Serving is the formal and legal delivery of legal documents to a person or party in a civil legal matter.  

How much does it cost to serve documents to someone?

The cost to serve documents depends on several circumstances and elements. Details considered include location, type of document to be served, history, risk (if any to the Process Server), number of attempts, and a variety of other circumstances.

Please contact our office to discuss your requirements further. At which time we will be able to provide a cost and obligation-free quote specific to the circumstances.

What areas do you provide Services in?

Ray Turner Services provide Process Serving throughout Southeast Queensland and Northern NSW on a day-to-day basis.

In some circumstances and situations, we offer services to other areas on a National Scale. Please contact our office to discuss further.

What are your Agent Licence Details?

Ray Turner Services are licensed in Queensland and New South Wales. Our Licence Details are 4493257 (QLD) and 412325602 (NSW). These details can be located at the bottom of each page on our website.

All our personnel is appropriately licensed and trained for the duties they perform.

All licenses are subject to rigorous background checks which include a mandatory criminal history check.

What is an Affidavit?

An Affidavit is a written statement of oral testimony that provides evidence that may be used at a court hearing. An Affidavit is written by the deponent and witnessed by a qualified witness such as a Justice of The Peace.

Our agents will complete a Sworn Affidavit for any document serves undertaken whether successful or not and the information contained within the document will include relevant information, what was said and done, the observation made, and any such other relevant information.

What happens if my Wife / Husband will not accept the Served Divorce Papers?

Many of our clients often have the same concern.

To effectively serve Divorce Papers, the Process Server must identify the intended recipient and hand the documents to that person. Should the recipient refuse to accept the papers, our Server will place the documents down on the ground with the recipient present and politely advise what the documents are.

An Affidavit will be completed by the Process Server detailing the specifics of the services and the serve is considered to be legally complete.

What happens if I cannot serve Divorce or Family Court Documents?

If all reasonable steps are undertaken in accordance with legal requirements to serve the required papers, you may make an application to the court for a substituted service.

We recommend you engage a Licenced Professional Server to serve the documents on your behalf as they are familiar with procedures and practices to successfully serve the documents promptly.

What is a Substituted Service?

Substituted service is an order from the court to allow the service of court papers by an alternative means other than the approved methods of service. 

Alternative means may be to serve by email, mail, post, Facebook Message, text Message, or even to another party.

The means must be approved by the Court and the Court must be provided with sufficient evidence that the documents will be received by the respondent.

What does a Process Server Do?

A Process Server may be referred to as an Agent, Server, Mercantile Agent, Filed Agent, or Server and is an individual who is licensed and qualified to serve Court documents and other documents to individuals and corporations.

We possess Private Investigator and Security Licenses in both NSW and QLD and offer a range and variety of additional services that complement and supplement document serving such as skip tracing and locating the intended recipient and providing close personal protection details for Court Appearances in Domestic Violence Cases.

Exactly What Types of Documents Do you serve?

Ray Turner Services serves a wide range and variety of legal odcuments such as Court Summons, Subpoenas, Divorce Papers, Writs, Garnishment, Eviction, Injunctions, Collection Letters, forcible detainers, and a number of other Legal papers.

If a document is created by The Court and needs to be served, we can assist.

I have been served. What does that mean?

If you have been served, you would have received legal documents that require you to appear in Court, normally as the defendant.

At which point it is recommended you seek Legal advice.

Can I be served at Work?

Yes. This is the last resort for most Process Servers, however, if we are unable to serve you at home and it is the only other address, we have we will serve you at work.  

Can I serve the papers myself?

Legally an applicant cannot serve the documents on the respondent themselves. This must be done by a Third-party.

Engaging Ray Turner Services to undertake the Serving ensures that the process is completed correctly, and all relevant legal paperwork is completed correctly and eliminates placing a friend or family member in an uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situation.  

I need my Documents served urgently. Can you help?

Of course, we offer a rush service and can generally assist.

Please contact our office to discuss further.