Private Investigations

Please read about our services in Private Investigations in the below FAQ’s. If you require further information please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

What areas do you provide services in?

Ray Turner Services provide Private Investigation Services throughout Southeast Queensland and Northern NSW on a day-to-day basis.

We are also able to provide Investigations on a global basis subject to case specifics. Please contact our office to discuss further.

What are your Private Investigation Licence Details?

Ray Turner Services are licensed in Queensland and New South Wales. Our Licence Details are 4023302 (QLD) and 412325502 (NSW). These details can be located at the bottom of each page on our website.

All our Personnel is appropriately licensed and trained for the duties they perform.

All licenses are subject to rigorous background checks which include a mandatory Criminal History Check.

What is the cost of a Private Investigator?

The cost depends on the nature of the case. Each case is unique and varies in complexity.  

Our rates are extremely competitive and, we offer a cost and obligation-free initial consultation, where we meet with you and discuss your case. You must provide us with all relevant details so that we can provide a formal plan with a fair and reasonable budget.

Can you guarantee I will get the results I want?

No, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the outcome of the Investigation. We can however assure you your case will be handled professionally  

Do I have to pay even if I do not get the results I wanted?

Yes, you are paying Ray Turner Services for a professional private investigations service that includes our time and expertise.

We, unfortunately, do not control the outcome of the investigation.  

How do I receive the results of a Surveillance Assignment?

We will provide you with a detailed Surveillance Report that includes relevant footage and still photos.

Is the evidence gathered and the report you provided admissible in Court?

All Investigations are conducted in a lawful manner and the evidence gathered will be provided to you in a report format, of which can be used in Court as admissible evidence.

We are also often required to provide Affidavits detailing the processes involved in gathering the evidence as well as provide testaments as expert witnesses.

Can you ensure Privacy and Confidentiality?

Yes, we are discrete, and understand the sensitivity of your inquiry. All matters are treated as strictly confidential and you will be treated with the utmost respect in a caring and compassionate manner throughout the investigation.