Handy Tips to Avoid becoming a Victim of Crime

Some assaults, robberies and other offences can not be prevented however there are a number of precautions and simple things you can do to significantly reduce being targeted and protect yourself and your belongings. These include:

Inform others of your Location and Schedule

Alter your schedule

Vary your route

Plan your trip

Always have your phone handy  / ready

Minimise interactors with strangers

Walk with Purpose and confidence

Avoid looking like a tourist

Avoid certain areas / known trouble spots

Walk close to the curb and avoid Bushes, Doorways and alleys at night

Always look around

Be aware of your surroundings

Cross the street

Stay with the crowd and don’t wander away

Travel in groups

Keep your belongings secure

Don’t carry large sums of cash

Avoid withdrawing money from ATMs

Catch Public Transport rather than walk

Stay in well lit and populated areas

Lock your car as soon as you get in

Don’t drink too much

Don’t leave your drink unattended

Watch your drink being poured

If you feel you are in danger get out of there

Prepare to use every day items as impromptu weapons

Learn Self Defence

Own a Dog

Have and use a Home Alarm System

Have Cameras installed

Lock your doors and windows at home

Before answering the door know whom you are opening it to

Ask for ID from Tradesmen and others entering your house

Don’t wear earphones when jogging

Avoid Texting or looking at your phone when walking alone

Meet in a public place for first dates

Go on group dates

Don’t give out your personal information to strangers

Be careful of what you post online