Staying Safe at Schoolies

Schoolies should be a time to relax and celebrate finishing school with your friends and be an event you have fond memories off. However, a fun time can turn bitter quickly. Drug Overdoes, Fights, Theft, Robberies, Assaults, Being Arrested, Alcohol Poisoning, dehydration, physical and mental injuries and illnesses consequences from unsafe behaviours.

Our list of 20 tips to keep you safe at Schoolies this year are:

  1. Don’t Leave Drinks Unattended
  2. Don’t accept open drinks from someone you don’t know
  3. Stay in a Group
  4. Look out for your friends
  5. Don’t swim at night
  6. Avoid the Balcony at night and when you have been drinking
  7. Always lock your Hotel Door whether you are in the room or not
  8. If you are sharing a room, make sure you know whom has the key or if there is a 24-hour concierge leave the key with them
  9. Always keep your Schoolies Lanyard on you
  10. Keep your belonging with you and don’t relay on others to look after your stuff
  11. Make sure your friends get home safe and everyone is accounted for
  12. Keep your phone fully charged and ensure you have credit
  13. Phones go flat so have a plan such as a met-up place and time, if you are separated from your group and uncontactable
  14. Ensure you know the address of your hotel so you can get home safety
  15. Keep in contact with your Parents throughout the week and let them know whom you are with and where you are going
  16. Obey and respect the House Rules for your hotel and accommodation and ensure you don’t get kicked out
  17. Have emergency phone numbers with you such as Red frogs, Schoolies Hotline, 000 and Your Hotel
  18. Look after your health and wellbeing. Stay Dehydrated, ensure you eat and get sufficient rest
  19. If you suspect you or a friend is having a bad reaction to drugs or have drunken too much, seek medical attention immediately
  20. Remember its ok to say no, if you are not comfortable or think something is not right don’t do it and don’t give in to peer pressure.