Choosing Security for your next event

When Planning an Event you will be sure to have many questions relating to choosing Security, some of these questions may be:


This really does depend on a number of factors such as if Alcohol will be present, the type of event, the location, the demographics, the size and how many people will be present.

For a basic event budgeting for 1 guard for every 100 people would be a starting point.

If you are operating a licensed venue that will trade after 1am within the Brisbane City Council area, you must comply with the 2002 Liquor Regulation Act. The security to patron ratios are:

Number of Patrons of Crowd ControllersNumber
1 to 1001
101 to 2002
201 to 3003
301 to 4004
401 to 5005
Additional over 500 (every additional 250)1


Its essential that you choose a Respected Security Company whom are licenced (Master Licence) and insured. They should supply professional Guards whom are also licenced (individual licence) and possess a current First Aid Certificate.

By choosing a local company they will have experience with the unique and diverse concerns and issues for that area. Not to mention being familiar with local services (i.e. Police, Fire Brigade, Hospitals, Doctors, etc.)

Look for a Company that has experience in the area that you require the service for or alternatively choose a diverse company with well rounded experience in a variety of different areas. These companies will have experience and be able to handle a wide range of different scenarios that may occur


Yes there certainly are many different types of Security and what services you require will greatly depend on the type of event you are hosting and who or what you require protecting.

The main types of security services are:

Crowd control – The best option for outdoor events, festivals, concerts, parties, rave parties. Crowd Controllers are able to effectively monitor, manage and direct the crowd, whilst being capable to remediate any unruly behaviour that may occur.

Unarmed Guards – Unarmed Guards provide a range of functions such as securing Buildings, Attending to disturbances, patrolling the property, using monitoring equipment, providing loss prevention services, removing trespassers, maintaining peace and reminding guest and patrons of policies and procedures.  

Gatekeepers – This is another option for concerts and outdoor events. Gatekeepers are positioned near entrances and exits, as well as stages and barricades. They again manage, control and direct traffic whilst dealing with any issues that may occur throughout the event.

Bodyguards – The most suitable option for specialised, personal protection if you are looking to protect 1 or 2 people.

Mobile patrol unit – Where an event takes place across multiple sites or a larger area, Mobile patrols are great. Security are able to quickly and efficiently move between establishments or locations whilst attending to the security needs of the event.

Armed guards – No generally a requirement for events however may be considered for the safe transportation of large suns of money. The Security Company will undertake a formal risk assessment and consider the most appropriate means of transporting takings to the bank or other place.

Ushers -Assist Patrons by collecting tickets and directing people to their seats. As well as searching for lost times and providing direction to amenities’.

Ray Turner

Principal – Ray Turner Consultants